API Engineer

We want creating a ReadMe to be the first thing a developer does when it comes time to create an API. We don't want to just be documentation... we want ReadMe to be the entire UI for APIs.

ReadMe needs to start collecting documentation in the form of semantic metadata, rather than paragraphs of text. Swagger is emerging as the winner, so we'll start with building tooling around that. You should have a love for Swagger in concept, but a healthy wariness for it in practice: Swagger is confusing and tough to get started with, and we need to make it much easier for people to understand and implement.

We want to normalize APIs on the documentation/SDK layer. This means that anyone should be able to write their APIs however they want (API key as a header? sign requests with JWT? be x-www-form-urlencoded?), however all APIs on ReadMe should feel consistent to end users. We'll do this through a combination of things, including generating SDKs and building tooling around authentication.

Lastly, we want to start pushing our own philosophies... which you'll craft. APIs are simple, however people find infinite ways to complicate them. We'll never force anyone to do things a particular way, however going forward we want to start promoting best practices that will make working with ReadMe easier and better.

It's important that you love APIs, but focus on usability and ease-of-use rather than complexity.


  • Making our "Try It Now" feature work like a charm in any situation
  • Auto-Generating code samples and SDKs in various programming languages
  • Allowing people to manage their API keys in ReadMe
  • Tackle the issue of authentication... it's confusing, and a huge barrier to entry for APIs
  • Work on leveraging what we know about the API and the user to custom-tailor documentation
  • Keep up to date with API technologies, and making that simple for everyone to understand and work with
  • Writing blog posts and (if you want!) speaking at conferences about APIs

Full-Stack Engineer - Remoteremotecontractor

We power the developer portals for some of the biggest APIs and companies out there! And as the type of company that use ReadMe grows, we want to grow with them. We're looking for a Node developer who can work along side of our biggest and coolest customers to help them deliver an awesome user experience. You'll work on the engineering team, but will work closely with bizdev/growth/sales/etc.

On our growing engineering team everyone has ownership over major feature development. You'll have a strong voice in product planning, drive implementation and release of major features, and champion well-written and well-tested code.

You'll join a team where everyone is excited and supportive, we're always willing to pitch in and know that we do the best work together. We hope you join us!

Our Technology

  • Express
  • Mongo
  • Angular/React

Within 3 months you will...

  • Build and launch your first big feature
  • Become familiar with ReadMe's codebase and development patterns
  • Help to diagnose and solve bugs in production
  • Manage on-prem deployments of our codebase
  • Write documentation for your features

Within 6 months you will...

  • Have made a visible, user-facing impact on the product
  • Own major feature areas
  • Decide when we can work with customers... and more importantly, when to say no
  • Be responsible for planning, scoping, and development within those areas

Within 12 months you will...

  • Help to hire and train new peers
  • Be a major voice in product direction
  • Act as an advocate for companies
  • Give in and develop an intense love of owls

As developers, we spend most of our time either reading documentation or writing it. Documentation is the UX we use when interacting with a new API or programming language, yet it’s almost always relegated to an afterthought.

We don’t want to just make writing “good documentation” easier – we want to change what “good documentation” even means. Let’s replace paragraphs of text with simple onboarding flows, custom-tailored code examples, intuitive SDKs and interactive UIs. (Here's some things we're excited to work on.)

Developers are just like regular consumers. They like simple, beautiful, easy-to-use products, too.

We have a long way to go still. That's why we need you!

209 Kearny St #2, San Francisco, CA

Y Combinator Winter 2015

Seed funding (Raised over $1MM)

Competitive salary and significant equity

Good work/life balance. We don't work on weekends.

Quarterly product roadmap retreats at locations like Santa Cruz or Tahoe.

Unlimited days off. And don't even think of coming in on your birthday!

Ability to work from home a few days a week, if you're more productive that way.

Stay healthy! Paid monthly gym membership.

Full healthcare, vision and dental coverage; paid maternity / paternity leave.

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